Maxsafe EHS Consulting Ltd is a consultancy firm comprising of a team of experts to provide technical support to the clients we serve. Our objective is to support businesses and corporations focusing on achieving sustainability in the 4th industrial Age. Our areas of operation include:  Occupational Safety and Health Consultancy, Environmental Management Consultancy and Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Our firm is accredited by various bodies such as the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health (DoSH) and the National Industrial Training Authority in Kenya.We Believe in sustainable business where PROFITS are achieved with no harm to the PEOPLE and the PLANET


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We offer Consultancy Services in Occupational Safety and Health Management, Fire Safety, Environmental Safety and Sustainable Renewable Energy, Management Consultancy and Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

We offer Environmental Management Solutions to our clients which include: Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Audits, Source Water Vulnerability Surveys, Water and Environment Management Plans

Maxsafe EHS has a competent team which supports you in the implementation of OSH, Fire and Environment Safety best standards.

We offer the following management support:

Well crafted corporate safety management policy
OSH & Environment Management systems
Tools and procedures for safety management at the workplace
Advisory and capacity building for the OSH management Team
Compliance with the law and industry best standards
Periodic walkthrough to guarantee compliance
Computerized/Online system for Safety, Health and Environment Management

We offer Audits in:

Occupational Safety and Health
Fire Safety Audits
Risk Assessment
Noise Surveys
Air Quality Monitoring

We offer supplies of all personal protective equipment to ensure that employees work safe such as: Helmets, Safety boots, hand gloves, Reflector Jackets,  Safety googles, Safety Harness, Face shields, Hair nets, Body suits, Ear Muffs, Ear plugs & safety signage

Maxsafe EHS is accredited by the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health as a Training Institutions.

We offer the following training Programs:

Occupational Safety and Health Training for Managers and Supervisors
Occupational Safety and Health Trainings for Safety  Committees
Fire safety training  – for Fire Marshals
First Aid Training for – First Aid Teams
Sensitization Trainings on OSH

We offer the services to in:
Survey and Design of Fire Installations
Supply of Fire Extinguishers (Water, Carbon Dioxide, Powder & Foam)
Supply and installation of fire hydrants and horse reels
Supply and installation of fire alarms
Supply and Installation of Fire detectors
Safety Signage survey and installation
Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, Fire alarms,Fire detectors, Fire hydrants & Horse reels

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